Past Conferences

 2014 Conference Workshops and Presentations:

“Maryland Eastern Shore U.S. Colored Troops Who Were Prisoners of War during the Civil War” Bob O’Connor, independent researcher and author
“A Glimpse at the Movement of Freedom Seekers to, across, and from Cecil County” Milt Diggins, independent scholar and  writer
“The Water Moves Us – Past and Present” Keasha Haythe, Dorchester County economic development director.
“Speaking History through Poems and Plays” Nancy Clarke Otter, Kate Rushin, Melanie Greenhouse, and Camilla Ross, A Teacher,  two poets, and a theater person
“Racing for Freedom: Documenting the Underground Railroad on the Eastern Shore of Mary
“Harriet Tubman’s Home Girl:  Frances Ellen Watkins Harper” Lavonda Kay Broadnax, Library of Congress 
“Paul Cuffe’s Atlantic World, 1759-1817”  Dr. Jeffrey Fortin, Assistant Professor,  Emmanuel  College
“’Finding My Eagle’: The UGRR through the Eyes of my Ancestors: Navigating Freedom’s Quandaries while Building Pathways, Bridges and Mediums to Americas’ Written Premise” Bruce Purnell, Higher Hopes, Inc., Washington, D.C.
“Unsung Heroes, Waterways, and the Underground Railroad” Jenny Masur and Sheri Jackson, National Park Service
"Finding the ‘Only True Home’: The Voyage of Thomas Fuller, Jr. & Benjamin Jenifer  from Cambridge to Liberia”  Dr. Phillip Hesser, researcher, writer, interpreter, and lecturer
 “Re-visioning:  Harriet Tubman in the Post-Black Art Era” Kimerly S. Cornish, Art Curator and Tubman descendant
“Flight and Freedom in Miles River Neck, Talbot County, Maryland” Emily Huebner and Tanner Sparks, Maryland State Archives
“Methods of Teaching History Workshop – It’s FUNdamental!!” Melissa Waddy-Thibodeau, History re-enactor and playwright
“Paul Cuffe:  The Black Mariner” Michael Sampson, Kent County Librarian and Royce Sampson, Researcher and tour director
 “Chesapeake Underground:  Charting a Course toward Freedom” Vincent O. Leggett, Founder, Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation
 “A Comparative Analysis of the Lives of Free Black Women in Antebellum Dorchester, Talbot, and Caroline Counties” Laura Weldon, graduate student in history
 “National Civil War Graves Registration Project” Daniel R. Pyle, Historical researcher
“From Slavery to Freedom” Bill Jarmon, Herschel Johnson, Mary Dennard Turner, Dorchester area history researchers 
Presentation/Exhibit: "The One Hundred-Year Journey to a National Museum
 of African American History and Culture" William Pretzer, Senior Curator of History, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture


Segments from the talk during our 2012 Conference by Keynote Speaker Dr. Judith Wellman who has extensively researched Underground Railroad sites of New York.

The following video is a slide show presentation of photos from past conferences:

Other Past Conference Workshops


“Exploring Nature’s Role in the Underground Railroad: Presentation of Self-Guided Audio Tour for Adkins Arboretum” (2013) Presenters: Ginna Tiernan, Adkins Arboretum, and Anthony Cohen, The Menare Foundation, Inc.

“From Slavery to Freedom”  (2013)  Presenters: Bill Jarmon, Herschel Johnson, and Mary Turner

“Civil Disobedience:  Unrest in Dorchester County, Maryland, 1800’s–1960’s” (2013) Presenters: Bill Jarmon, Cambridge, Maryland, and Earthel LaGreen

“Conserving the Harriet Tubman Landscape”  (2013)  Presenters: Joanna Ogburn, Program Director, Chesapeake Conservancy, and Bill Crouch, Maryland Director, The Conservation Fund

“From the Eastern Shore to Southern New Jersey: The Escapes of the Ward, Trustee and Garnet Families”  (2013)  Presenter: Christopher Densmore, Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College

“Using Quaker Records on Manumissions and the Unerground Railroad in Genealogy”  (2013)  Presenter: Margo Lee Williams, Silver Spring, MD, a former editor of the Journal of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, and lecturer for the Family History Centers of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in the Washington, D.C. area.

“The Poplar Grove Project:  Salvaging Collections and Interpreting the History of Slavery in Maryland”  (2013)  Presenters: Allison Seyler and Ryan Cox, Maryland State Archives

“Thomas McCreary:  Stealing Freedom along the Mason-Dixon Line”  (2013)  Presenter: Milt Diggins

“Sebastian ‘Boss’ Hammond: 19th Century African American Stone Carver”  (2013)  Presenter: Mary Ann Ashcraft, Carroll County Genealogical Society

“Teaching History Through Poetry”  (2013)  Presenter: Nancy Clarke Otter, graduate student, Goddard College,Vermont, Hartford and Connecticut Public Schools

“Conjuring Freedom:  Harriet Tubman and the Lore of Witchcraft in Dorchester County”  (2013) Presenter: Phillip Hesser, Ph.D., Crocheron, MD

“Remembering The Journey:  The Importance of Preserving and Telling Our Stories”  (2013) Presenter: Roberta Wongus, Founder/Curator, Charles W. Wongus, Sr., Museum of Negro African American Agricultural and Eastern Shore Maryland Small Community History

“Caroline County Unchained” (workshop with two presentations: “Sassafras, Winter Crease and the Help” and “The Art of Farming and Rixom Webb”  (2013)  Presenters: Robin M. Caudell and Rebecca Johns-Hackett, respectively

“Under Construction:  Archeology and History at Wildcat Manor”  (2013)  Presenters: Robin Krawitz, Delaware State University and the Underground Railroad Coalition of Delaware, and Craig Lukezic, Delaware State University and the Archeological Society of Delaware

“Samuel D. Burris, Delaware Hero: Revisiting the History of Delaware's Famous Conductor”  (2013)   Presenters: Bev Laing, Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs, and board member, Underground Railroad Coalition of Delaware; Robin Krawitz, Delaware State University and the Underground Railroad Coalition of Delaware; and Nena Todd, Site Supervisor, Delaware State House Museum, and Secretary of the Underground Railroad Coalition of Delaware

“The 7th Perjury:The Truth about Nat Turner’s Trial”  (2013)  Presenter: Sharon Ewell Foster, Durham, N.C, recipient of the Civil War Institute’s 2012 Michael Shaara Prize for excellence in Civil War fiction for her novel, The Resurrection of Nat Turner.

“The Eastern Shore Connections of Anthony Johnson”  (2013)  Presenter : Walter W. Black, Jr., Talbot County, Maryland  

“Using Nontraditional Sources in African American Historical and Genealogical Research”  (2013)  Presenters: Laura Weldon and Terry Nield, researchers, Dorchester County Historical Society

“Free Black Women on the Antebellum Eastern Shore: Three Women, Three Stories” (2013)  Presenter: Laura Weldon, researcher, Dorchester County Historical Society

“Presenting Harriet Tubman–A Freedom Trailblazer”  (2013)  Presenter: June Ware LaGreen, speaker, author, stage performer and preservationist, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“The Harriet Tubman Centennial Journey–WhereWe Are. Where We’re Going…”  (2013)  Presenters: Glenn Carowan, Maryland Department of Natural Resources;  Cherie Butler, National Park Service; Camila Clark, Maryland Office of Tourism; Anne Kyle, Maryland Office of Tourism; Sally Kenyon Grant, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development

“Slavery in Frederick County, Maryland”  (2013) Presenter: Jerry Hynson, Vice President, Maryland Genealogical Society

“Exploring New Interpretations and Recent Historical Finds about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad”  (2013)  Presenter: Kate Clifford Larson, Ph.D., Simmons College,author, Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, Portrait of an American Hero  

“Captive Audience:  A Sensory Workshop in the Tastes, Touch, Smell, Sights and Sounds of Slavery” (two-part workshop)  (2013)  Presenter: Anthony Cohen, The Menare Foundation, Inc.

“Underground Railroad Genealogy”  (2013) Presenter: Tony Burroughs

“Livelihood and Landscape in the Early Life of Harriet Tubman – Toward Communities and Connections on the Underground Railroad” (2012) Presenter:  Phillip Hesser, Ph.D., Chesapeake College and Salisbury University

“The Landscape’s Influence on the Life of Harriet Tubman” (2012) Presenters:  Joanna Ogburn, Joel Dunn, The Chesapeake Conservancy

“Sharing Stories in Harriet Tubman’s Homeland” (2012) Presenters:  Amanda Fenstermaker, Dorchester County Tourism, and Kathy Mackel, Caroline County Tourism

“Mapping the Journey from Slavery to Freedom:  Stories of United States Colored Troops and Underground Railroad Figures” (2012) Presenters:  David Armenti and Tanner Sparks, research archivists, the Legacy of Slavery Project in Maryland, Maryland State Archives, Annapolis, MD

“Celebrating the Journey:  The Delaware Conference and the Founding of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 1886” (2012) Presenters:  Kimberly Conway Dumpson, Esq., CRFE, Eric A. Jodlbauer, and William Robinson,  University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“Our Stories:  The Importance of Preserving History Using Oral Techniques” (2012)
Presenter:  Rev. Roberta J. Wongus, pastor, historian and founder/curator of the Charles W. Wongus, Sr. Museum of Negro African American Agricultural and Eastern Shore Maryland Small Community History
“May I Tell My Story?:  Interpreting Slavery and the Underground Railroad to the General Public” (2012) Presenters:  Barbara Tagger, Harriet Tubman UGRR State Park Initiative, National Park Service/Maryland Park Service, and Angela Robert-Burton, Hampton National Historic Site, National Park Service

“A Superhero Walked Among Them:  Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad” (2012)
Presenter:  Nicholas Maurice Young, Ph.D., sociologist and independent researcher, Cleveland, Ohio
“The Pugnacious Parson:  James M. McCarter – Minister, Author, Soldier” (2012)
Presenter:  Rev. Joseph DiPaolo, historian and pastor, Wayne, Pennsylvania United Methodist Church
“Expressing the Legacy of a Heroines’ Journey” (2012) Presenter:  Ernestine (Tina) Martin Wyatt, artist and educator, Washington, D.C.
“Why Black History is Important” (2012)  Presenter:  Kathryn Barrett-Gaines, Ph.D., Director of African American Studies, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“Using Internet Resources for Ancestral Research” (2012) Presenters:  Terry Neild and Laura Weldon, Dorchester County Historical Society

“Eastern Shore Slavery and the Underground Railroad” (2012) Presenter:  Clara Small, Ph.D., Salisbury University, Salisbury, Maryland

“Journey to Freedom:  Teaching the Underground Railroad to K-12 Students” (2012) Presenters:  Deborah A. Harmon, Ph.D., Nancy Copeland, Ed.D., and Toni Jones, Ed.D., Eastern Michigan University

“So You’re in Charge of the Reunion?  How to Plan, Organize, and Make Yours Better Than Ever” (2012) Presenter:  Pamela (P.J.) Thomas, editor and co-publisher of Pathfinders Travel Magazine

“The Plight of the Contraband” (2012) Presenter:  Jenny Masur, National Park Service, National Underground Railroad Newtwork to Freedom, National Capital Region

“African American Women:  Plantation Textile Production” (2012) Presenter:  Karen Hampton, artist, historian, educator, Howard University, Washington, D.C.

“Thomas McCreary:  Stealing Freedom along the Mason-Dixon Line” (2012)
Presenter:  Milt Diggins, historian and educator, Cecil County, Maryland

“The Free Blue Mountain Air:  The Struggle Against Slavery in Indiana County, Pennsylvania” (2012) Presenters:  Catherine C. “Chris” Catalfamo, Ph.D. and Denise Jennings-Doyle, M.A., Indiana County, Pennsylvania

“Unshackling History:  Reliving Experiences from American Slavery” (2012) Presenter:  Anthony Cohen, President, The Menare Foundation, Inc., Olney, Maryland

“Harriet Tubman and the Legacy of Freedom” (2012) Presenter:  Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Ph.D., Professor of History, Howard University, Washington, D.C.

“Rhode Island and the Underground Railroad:  The Rice, Johns & VanHorne Families” (2012)  Presenter:  Kimberly Conway Dumpson, Esq., University of Maryland Eastern Shore

 “Shaping the Visitor Experience in the Poplar Neck Region of Preston in Caroline County, Maryland” (2012)  Panelists:  Dale Green, Mary Anne Akers, Ph.D., Professor Paul Voos, Marvin Perry, all affiliated with Morgan State,  and Anthony Cohen, president, The Menare Foundation, Inc., Olney, Maryland

“The Underground Railroad Works Wonderfully:  Three New York Families Work for Freedom” (2011)  Presenter Jennifer Haines, Education Director, Seward House Museum, Auburn, NY

“William Still:  Father of the Underground Railroad, Commissioner and Financier of Harriet Tubman’s Missions” (2011)   Presenter Lesley Gist-Etheridge, Ringwood, NJ

“Discovering the Stories of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things alont the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway and All American Road(2011)  Dr. Kate Clifford Larson, author and historian
“The Logistics of Researching a Small Town of the Eastern Shore” (2011)  Frank Collins, author and creator of website about East New Market, MD
“Sharing Stories in Harriet Tubman’s Homeland” (2011)  Amanda Fenstermaker, Dorchester Co. Tourism; Kathy Mackel, Caroline Co. Tourism; Matt Ritter; Marci Ross, MD Tourism
“Freedom Seeking During the Rebellion in Frederick County, Maryland(2011)   Waneta Gagne, Archivist, Frederick Co., MD Public Library
“History of Storer College, Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia(2011)  L. Tilden Moore, Frederick, MD
“’Anxious Solicitude’:  The Life of Cassandra Kennard, A Free Black Woman in Antebellum Dorchester County, Maryland(2011)  Presenter Laura J. Weldon, graduate student, Salisbury University

“Delmarva Resources for Researching African American History” (2011)  Presenters Linda Duyer, Choptank Region History Network, and Damika Baker, Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History & Culture

 “Let My People Go”:  Remembering the Life and Legacy of Harriet Tubman (2011)
Matthew Ritter, Maryland National Park Service, and Barbara Taggar, Interim Project Manager, Harriet Tubman UGRR Initiative, Maryland Park Service/National Park Service

“Tour Training for the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Scenic Byway” (2011)
Ernest P. Boger, Chair, Dept. of Hotel & Restaurant Management, UMES

“Weaving Together the History of Families and Communities of Color on the Eastern Shore
Part 1 – Finding Your Family History” (2011 & 2010)  Presenter  Kimberly Conway Dumpson, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“A Retrospective Look at the Legality of the 1857 Conviction of Rev. Samuel Green” (2011)  Presenter Sharon Davies, Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law

“Weaving Together the History of Families and Communities of Color on the Eastern Shore
Part 2 – How Family Stories Can be Woven Together” (2011 & 2010)  Presenter Kimberly Conway Dumpson, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“The Stanley Institute School in Dorchester County, Maryland(2011)  Presenter Hershel Johnson, President, The Friends of Stanley Institute, Inc.

“Slavery, Abolitionism and the Underground Railroad” (2011)  Presenter Dr.Clara Small, Salisbury University

“Our Stories:  The Importance of Preserving History Using Oral Techniques” (2011)  Presenter Rev. Roberta J. Wongus, Pastor and historian
Sharing Stories in Harriet Tubman’s Homeland”  (2010) Presenters Amanda Fenstermaker, Dorchester County, Md. Tourism Kathy Mackel, Caroline County, Md. Tourism
“Three Links in Harriet Tubman’s Known Trust Network Between the Choptank and Nanticoke Rivers” (2010) Presenters John Creighton and Pat Lewis, Choptank Region History Network and Many Rivers Community History Project

“The Importance of Maryland Antebellum Newspapers in Interpreting Regional Slavery” (2010) Presenter Waneta Gagne, Maryland Room, Frederick, Md. Public Library

Sing Low, Sweet Harriet:  The Musical Life & Legacy of a Woman Named Moses”  (2010) Presenter Anthony Cohen, President, The Menare Foundation, Inc., Olney, Md.
“Sarah Young and the Difference She Made in the History of East New Market” (2010)
Hershel Johnson,  Christ Rock, Md.
“The Eastern Shore:  A Treasure Trove of Hidden History” (2010) Presenter Dr. Clara Small, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD
“Harriet Tubman & Friends of the Underground Railroad:  Finding Freedom through Faith” (2010) Presenter Louis Fields, President, African-American Tourism Council of Maryland
“’Lord, the Oppressed Shall Go Free’:  Methodism, Slavery, and the Eastern Shore” (2010) Presenter Rev. Joseph F. DiPaolo, historian and pastor, Wayne, PA United Methodist Church
“Changing Lives with Local History” (2010)Presenter Dr. Kay McElvey, historian and educator, Hurlock, Md.
“Backtracking From New York: John Henry Thomas, The Planters and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” (2010) Presenter Robin Caudell, Plattsburgh, New York
“Across Regions, Across Religion, Across Race:  Quakers, African-Americans, and the Underground Railroad on the Eastern Shore of Maryland”  (2010)Presenter Christopher Densmore, curator, Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa

“Commemorating Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad” (2010) Presenter Sheri Jackson, Barbara Tagger, Diane Miller, National Park Service

Dorchester County & Liberia:  The Connection” (2010) Presenters Royce, Jerlean, and Michael Sampson, Choptank Area History Network
“(Re)Defining ‘Family’ within the ‘Peculiar Institution’ of Slavery in Talbot and Dorchester Counties” (2010) Presenter Linda Fretterd Earls, associate professor of English, Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, Md.
“Remembering the Ross’s:  The African-American Ross Family of  the Madison-Woolford Area in the 19th Century” (2010) Presenter Christi Camper-Dorsey, genealogist, Cambridge, Md.
Chesapeake Underground:  Charting a Course toward Freedom” (2010)  Presenter Vincent Leggett, founder of the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation, Annapolis, Md.