This Year's Keynote Speakers:

 Jeffrey Fortin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History
Emmanuel College, Boston, MA

Vincent O. Leggett
Founder & President, Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation, Annapolis, MD


Thank you everyone for making 2013's conference a resounding success.  The only complaint is one common to good conferences, the frustration at not being able to take in all the workshops.  Indeed we had an outstanding array of workshop subjects and presenters, food for thought to keep our minds full of new thoughts and ideas for months to come.

We have many to thank and I am sure I will inadvertently forget someone, so I apologize up front for any omissions.  We are grateful to Grace Methodist Church for hosting the Keynote program and the luncheon on Friday.  This was a new place for us to hold part of our conference, and we feel as if we've made new friends.  We also are so thankful for Waugh Chapel for their continued support of our conference.  Once again, the Friday celebration banquet was superb and great fun.  And we thank the Dorchester County Historical Society for their wonderful addition to our dinner program with their play.  We thank the historical society and all the play participants.  

We thank the University of Maryland Eastern Shore for sponsoring their amazing reception for the conference, held Friday after the workshops, at the Harriet Tubman Organization Museum, catered by Jimmy & Sooks.  

Thank you, Tony Burroughs, for being our Keynote Speaker during this commemorative year.  This was Tony's first visit to the Eastern Shore, and here he found genealogy alive and quite active among many of our conference participants, both presenters and visitors alike.  

We thank our partner of four years, Chesapeake College, for providing a unique conference venue which showcases downtown Cambridge.  Our technical guru was amazing, helping all our workshop presenters, ensuring the workshops went off without a hitch, thank you so much. We are grateful for all the community, county and state partnerships and for their support.

And of course we are so grateful for our workshop presenters who have provided a level of professionalism and excitement to all the workshops, for these presenters and their fascinating topics keep people coming back, to learn more, and attracts new visitors who are learning what amazing stories this region, and beyond, has to offer. 

We are grateful for all the opportunities that were available to network with new and old friends.  The conversations and material energize our own projects which unearth new historical facts every day, contributing to the wealth of history.  

My personal thank you goes out to all those on our conference committees who worked hard and made the conference enjoyable for everyone.  You know who you are, for you sacrificed your time and efforts towards something most special.  And I thank our Executive Director, Ellen Mousin, for her expertise and tenacity for making the conference work, not once, but for four consecutive years, wow!

Please feel free to continue to contact us through our email address and on Facebook.  And also feel free to recommend new ways of funding and organizing this annual conference.  And for considering presenting workshops next year, be thinking about what amazing history and abilities you would like to share.  Thank you all.

Linda Duyer
Conference Planning Committee
June 2013